Solar Storm Arrival-Prediction System (SPArToS)

Warnning: SPArToS is an experimental product under validation process.

SPArToS (from the Spanish for Solar Storms Arrival Prediction System) is an early-alert system to predict the arrival of coronal mass ejections and associated shock waves to Earth's neighborhood. SPArToS is based on the Piston-Shock model. SPArToS provides to the user the time and date at which a potentially dangerous solar storm would arrive to the Earth's neighborhood.

A list of all our arrival predictions can be found at our analyzed events catalog.


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CME: 20211030-1900+/-4h
677 +/- 50 km/s.

Shock: 20211030-1600+/-3h
750+/-80 km/s

ISSUED: [29/10/2021-00:30UT]

The source region is located near the solar disk's center  (S28W01). In addition, the orientation of the magnetic flux rope in solar corona makes of this event potentially geoactive if Bz south polarity is dominant in the frontal region of the CME's flux rope.