Solar Storm Arrival-Prediction System (SPArToS)

Warnning: SPArToS is an experimental product under validation process.

SPArToS (from the Spanish for Solar Storms Arrival Prediction System) is an early-alert system to predict the arrival of coronal mass ejections and associated shock waves to Earth's neighborhood. SPArToS is based on the Piston-Shock model. SPArToS provides to the user the time and date at which a potentially dangerous solar storm would arrive to the Earth's neighborhood.

A list of all our arrival predictions can be found at our analyzed events catalog.


Latest Prediction


Detection V_0 [km/s] Arrival prediction Commentaries
20170906-1239 1350+/-200


 677+/-130 km/s


20170908-1130+/-9h 690+/-150 km/s

ISSUED: [06/09/2017-16:27UT]

The event's source region is located in the south-west of solar disc (S08W28). Is highly probably that the lateral region of the solar storm affects the Earth.

It is needed a confirmation for the CME initial speed.