Índices Geomagnéticos

Regional indicators of geomagnetic activity register geomagnetic variations at specific geografic locations, commonly geomagnetic observatories or geomagnetic stations. Currently, SCIESMEX processes data from the Teoloyucan Geomagnetic Observatory (near the center of Mexico), which is operated by the Magnetic Service at Geophysics Insitute of the National University of Mexico.

Space Weather National Laboratory (LANCE), in colaboration with the Magnetic Service, hourly calculates geomagnetic indicators for the central region of Mexico.  The geomagnetic indicators we offer to our users are: mexican K (Kmex) index and the hourly-deviations on horizontal component (ΔH).


Due to maintenance activities at the Geomagnetic Observatory of Teoloyucan, our regional indexes are temporaly desabled

Almost real-time valuies for Kmex index.

Índice K para la región central de México


Almost real-time valuies for ΔH.

Índice K para la región central de México


Link to the geomagnetic data archive.