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Third Remote Sensing of the Inner Heliosphere and Space Weather Applications Workshop


Date Message
20/11/2015 Presentations.
6/10/2015 Final program.
7/9/2015 List of Abstracts avalaible!
31/8/2015 Abstract Submission Extended by Monday 14 September (Closed).
9/7/2015 Accomoddation information.
9/7/2015 Connect to Facebook.
4/7/2015 General Program.
2/7/2015 List of participants.
2/7/2015 Download the poster meeting (PDF full resolution).
1/7/2015 Payment information.
30/6/2015 VISA information.
26/6/2015 Traveling Information!
20/3/2015 Abstract Submission (Closed)
20/3/2015 Pre-registration (Closed).

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The workshop aims to gather experts from the various fields of remote­sensing observations of the inner heliosphere, including white­light, EUV, and radio observation, together with modellers in order to tackle key outstanding science and space­weather operational issues, establish closer working relations, and devise the best ways to move the field forward as a whole. In addition, the science learned from remote­sensing observations is critical to improving our capabilities of space­weather forecasting. The workshop aims to look at ways in which we can more easily and efficiently share and access the various types of data between individual groups and sub­communities and to officially launch the IPS Common Data Format v1.0 (IPSCDFv1.0) now in use. It also aims to allow investigations into ways in which we model the inner heliosphere looking at the advantages and disadvantages of the available modelling, updates on present and future remote­sensing capabilities, and investigating further the ways in which these data sets all complement each other and are necessary to gain knowledge and understanding of the fundamental physical processes that occur within the inner heliosphere. These are critical processes that are key to both Heliophysics science as well as to space­weather operations and forecasting.

On the behalf of the SOC and LOC
J. Americo Gonzalez
SCiESMEX - Geophysics Institute Michoacan - UNAM

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