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Title Author Type
1 An alternative methodology for the estimation of IPS Inner Scale Esmeralda Romero-Hernandez Poster presentation
2 Analysis of the most energetic X-class solar flare detected by the solar neutron telescope at Sierra Negra. Xavier González Talk presentation
3 A Schumann Resonance Station in Mexico Blanca Mendoza Poster presentation
4 CME magnetic field constraints from radio polarimetry with the MWA Colin Lonsdale Talk presentation
5 Comparison of Analytical Models of Propagation of CMEs and its Validation Using Type II Radio Bursts Observations Carlos Arturo Perez-Alanis Poster presentation
6 Detection of CME from IPS observations at the frequency111 MHz SERGEY TYULBASHEV Talk presentation
7 Dynamics of the Plasma Events and Associated Space Weather Consequences Subhash Chandra Kaushik Poster presentation
8 ENLIL Driven By a Global Solar Wind Boundary from Remotely-Sensed IPS Data Hsiu-Shan Yu Talk presentation
9 Global Structure of the Inner Solar Wind and it's Dynamic in the Solar Activity Cycle from IPS Observations with Multi-Beam Radio Telescope BSA LPI SERGEY TYULBASHEV Talk presentation
10 HELCATS: HELiospheric Cataloguing, Analysis and Techniques Service Mario Bisi Talk presentation
11 HELCATS WP7: Assessing the Complementary Nature of Radio Measurements of Solar Wind Transients Mario Bisi Talk presentation
12 ICME Origin of the Most Energetic Cosmic Ray Forbush Decreases during SolarCycle 24 José Fco. Valdés-Galicia Poster presentation
13 Interplanetary scintillation observations of the solar wind using the 372-MHz multi-station system Munetoshi Tokumaru Talk presentation
14 Interplanetary Type II Radio Bursts as Indicators of Large Solar Energetic Particle Events Nat Gopalswamy Invited talk
15 Ionospheric Anomalies around the Time of the Powerful Nabro’s Eruption Triggered by June 12, 2011 Earthquakes Enoch Elemo Talk presentation
16 Ionospheric Disturbances detected in 2012 by MEXART Armando Carrillo-Vargas Talk presentation
17 Ionospheric Scintillation at Low Frequencies: Broadband Spectra and Phase Measurements Richard Fallows Talk presentation
18 IPS Common Data Format v1.0 (IPSCDFv1.0) - Official Launch! Mario Bisi Keynote presentation
19 IPS Cross-Analyses Mario Bisi Keynote presentation
20 IPS Observation in China: Past, Now and Future Lijia Liu Talk presentation
21 IPS observations at 140 MHz to study solar wind speeds and density fluctuations by MEXART Oyuki chang Poster presentation
22 LOFAR Measurements of IPS and FR Signatures in a CME Richard Fallows Talk presentation
23 LWA Observations of Faraday Rotation In the Solar Wind and CMEs Stephen White Talk presentation
25 MEXART IPS observations. Instrument status report. J. Americo Gonzalez-Esparza Talk presentation
26 Modeling the power spectrum of IPS during coronal mass ejections Julio Mejia-Ambriz Talk presentation
27 New Opportunities for IPS - A Personal Perspective Mario Bisi Keynote presentation
28 Newtonian CAFE: a new ideal MHD code to study the solar atmosphere José Juan González Avilés Talk presentation
29 Potential Topical/Special Journal Issue(s)? Mario Bisi Talk presentation
30 Power law of micro-scale turbulence in the solar wind using IPS observations at different wavelengths Ernesto Aguilar-Rodriguez Talk presentation
31 Radio Heliophysics with the Square Kilometre Array (SKA) Mario Bisi Talk presentation
32 Solar radio spikes: Evolution of particle distribution. Solai Jeyakumar Talk presentation
33 Space Weather during the Transient Plasma Signatures Subhash Chandra Kaushik Talk presentation
34 Space Weather Forecasting Using Remotely-sensed Heliospheric IPS Data Sets From Around the World Bernard Jackson Talk presentation
35 Space Weather Forecasts That Failed Douglas Biesecker Talk presentation
36 Space Weather on the MEXART Victor De la Luz Talk presentation
37 Study of geoeffectiveness generated by stream interaction regions using remote-sensing and in-situ measurements Elsa Sanchez-Garcia Poster presentation
38 The effects of Space Weather in TEC behaviour over the Mexican region Maria Sergeeva Talk presentation
39 Updates of Observations of Heliospheric Faraday Rotation (FR) and Interplanetary Scintillation (IPS) with the LOw Frequency ARray (LOFAR): Steps Towards Improving Space-Weather Forecasting Capabilities Mario Bisi Talk presentation