Pedro Corona Romero

CONACyT Fellow Researcher
Mexican Space Weather Service (SCiESMEX)
Instituto de Geofísica, Unidad Michocán
Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México, Morelia Campus

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¿Qué son las tormentas solares?



Pedro Corona-Romero is a researcher at the Space Weather Service Mexico (SCiESMEX). The SCiESMEX is hosted at the Michoacan Seat of the Institute of Geophysics Unit of the National University of Mexico (UNAM). Pedro also teaches undergraduate and graduate subjects. Additionally, he is deeply interested in popularization of science.

Pedro is responsible of interplanetary medium and the near-Earth space in SCiESMEX labours. His research focuses on the solar activity phenomena that compromise the stability of space weather on Earth. By combining theoretical, numerical and empirical approaches, Pedro investigations aim to understand the dynamics of interplanetary energetic phenomena, coronal mass ejections and interplanetary shocks are specially important for him. The immediate application of his research is aimed at improving tools and methods for space weather forecasting.

A detailed Pedro's resume is here [in Spanish].


Researcher responsible of interplanetary medium and near-Earth space.

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If you are interested, you can find a detailed description of my publications at ADS/NASA, GoogleScholar, Web of Science, or ORCID.

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One of the most important porpuses of my academic activities is the product development to increase the LANCE's competitivity. My most relevant products are:

It is important to remark that these products were built in colaboration with collegues, whose expertize was fundamental for the success in our products development.