Maria Sergeeva

Conacyt Research Fellow, Space Weather Service (SCiESMEX), Institute of Geophysics,

Michoacán Department, National Autonomous University of Mexico.

Main research topics:
1. Ionosphere, HF radio propagation;
2. Magnetospheric disturbances, Solar-terrestrial interactions; Space Weather; Geophysics;

Current research interest:
GNSS satellite derived Total Electron Content, Ionospheric weather, foF2, Geomagnetic storms effects, Ionospheric disturbances (caused by Solar events) and their possible correlations with other physical phenomena in the near-Earth space.

PhD, St.Petersburg State University of Aerospace Instrumentation,
Thesis “Analysis, estimates and forecast of HF radio channel state at high latitudes” was related to Solar-terrestrial Physics, Geophysics, Radio Communications and concerned mostly magnetospheric effects on the ionosphere caused by solar events, their manifestations and influence on radio channels.
MA, St.Petersburg State University of Aerospace Instrumentation,
Engineer of technical operation of transport radio equipment (thesis written and defended in English)

Languages spoken:
Russian, English, Spanish, French, Portuguese.

- email:,
- skype: maria_sergeeva
- postal address: Antigua carretera a Pátzcuaro #8701, Ex-Hda. San José de la Huerta Morelia, Michoacán, C.P.58089.